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Applications are now open for the
I-NDUCT Cohort 04
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XCarb™ India Accelerator Programme
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IIT Madras Gopalakrishnan-Deshpande Centre wins International Award for
'Exemplary Practice in Technology Commercialisation'
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“Sparking a Lab to Market Transformation in India with Deep-tech startups”
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GDC builds capacity in researchers from STEM universities, incubators, research institutions, and corporates to maximize the impact of deep-tech research through scalable start-ups. By enabling faculty and researchers in STEM universities across India to commercialize their research ideas and innovations, we help them go from lab to market.

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Our Programs

Boot camp for early-stage start-up teams from
university labs, to search for the elusive
problem-solution fit.


Helps Principal Investigators to formulate a research proposal that is persuasive and outcome-oriented, and improves chances of winning that grant

An Entrepreneur-in-Residence program that pairs entrepreneurs with academic researchers to form a balanced team for deep-tech start-ups

Enables budding entrepreneurs at university-linked incubators and pre-incubators to develop their Entrepreneurial Quotient

A successor program to I-NCUBATE; Helps the founders of a start-up find a product-market fit and develop their start-up to a level of maturity acceptable to commercial investors

Founders Speak

Begin your journey

Create wider impact with your
research. Help your students
realise their dreams with a
startup built on your research
Transform your research idea
into a scalable start-up. Improve
your Entrepreneurial Quotient
and enhance your business
Experienced Professionals
Mentor an exciting start-up.
Or, reach out to help your
alma mater or another
STEM college or incubator
through mentorship
Aspiring Entrepreneurs
Explore your calling as an
entrepreneur. Connect with
a University professor for
technical guidance

Our Start-ups