I-DEATE is an exercise of stakeholder consultation conducted at the conception stage of a translational research proposal. It is aimed at helping the Principal Investigator to incorporate diverse and multiple perspectives (for example, beneficiaries of the research, partners in the proposal, potential industry players and policy makers) into the proposal’s scope and methodology to make the outcomes more inclusive and comprehensive. Such a consultative approach is more likely to build comfort with the project sponsors.


Facilitates a better understanding of the objectives and expectations of sponsoring authority of the research study.

Helps in a more holistic incorporation of the views and perspectives of industry, government, beneficiaries, and other stakeholders with regards to problem(s) being addressed

Enables the formulation of more accurate outcomes of the research proposal in terms of socio-economic impact

Allows a more insightful evaluation of the level of interest and willingness of stakeholders in the subject of research and the extent of cooperation that can be expected in the conduct of the study or implementation of its outcomes

Lifecycle of a Start-up

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