INCUBATE is a Bootcamp for early-stage start-up teams, to enable the lab-to-market transformation of research ideas into deep-tech start-ups that create positive social and economic impact at scale. INCUBATE aims to change the culture of innovation at academic or research institutions.


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Our mission is to transform capabilities, mind-sets and
the culture of an academic institution to commercialise

Early stage start-up
teams gain

  • Deep understanding of customer needs based on first-hand evidence obtained from customers.
  • Decide whether to take the idea to the next stage based on the problem-solution fit and market feasibility (Go or No-Go).
  • Derive inputs to formulate a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and an optimal business model to attain a good product-market fit and scalability, going forward.
  • Enable faculty, researchers, and students to develop entrepreneurial skills.

How the program works

A team comprises a Faculty Lead and at least 3 Entrepreneur Leads, supported by a Business Mentor (from our network of mentors)

  • Around 10 teams comprise a cohort.
  • Teams undertake a customer discovery exercise over 8 weeks.
  • Every team meet 100+ customers and stakeholders, to arrive at a problem-solution fit.

3 dimensions of learning

Business Tools and Techniques

  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model Canvas
  • Industry Analysis
  • Build-Measure-Learn Loop

Entrepreneurial Skills

  • Dealing with Ambiguilty
  • Creative / Non-Linear Thinking
  • Overcome Fear of Failure
  • Teamwork
  • Getting Things Done

Interviewing and Communication Skills

  • Clarity of Thought
  • Validating Assumptions
  • Connecting to People
  • Analysing Inputs from Customers
  • Presentation Skills

Lifecycle of a Start-up

incubate_life cycle

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Achieve tangible outcomes

As teams participating in I-NCUBATE, you will be able to:


Define the problem that you are solving or the opportunity you are addressing.


Identify your customers and analyse their needs and pains.


Develop coherent value propositions for chosen customer segment(s).


Find a problem-solution fit with evidence from an early adopter segment.


Understand the business ecosystem and competitive dynamics of your start-up.


Understand the evolution trajectory of your start-up from the idea stage to the MVP stage, onto a product-market fit, business-model fit and growing the venture.


Develop key entrepreneurial skills and mind set – including dealing with ambiguity, tenacity, making decisions with partial information, dealing with people, communication, and more.

Impact of I-NCUBATE Program

Startup Teams
Entrepreneurs trained
Faculty Participants
Stem Colleges
Percentage of Women

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