I-NSPIRE is designed to enable participants to improve their Entrepreneurial Quotient and capabilities for commercialising their ideas and innovations. Focussing on science-based ideas, the program drives the founders to clearly define the core problem that they are aiming to solve and to understand what finding a problem-solution fit entails.

Our mission is to enhance the Entrepreneurial
Quotient of participants

How the program works

Teams comprise at least 2 Entrepreneur Leads (including one Technical Lead), supported by a Business Mentor (from our network of mentors)

  • Around 10 teams comprise a cohort.
  • Every team meets 30 – 50 potential customers and stakeholders to better define the problem they are solving with their innovation.
  • Teams understand the evolution trajectory of their start-up from idea to the MVP stage and onto a product-market fit.
  • Teams develop an entrepreneurial mind-set.

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Lifecycle of a Start-up

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Achieve tangible outcomes

As teams participating in I-NSPIRE, you will be able to:


Define the problem you are solving or the opportunity you are addressing.


Identify customers (including early adopters) and gain a deep understanding of customer needs based on first-hand evidence.


Develop sharp value propositions for chosen customer segment(s).


Understand the business ecosystem and competitive dynamics associated with your start-up.


Learn how to size your market.

Impact of I-NSPIRE Program

Teams Trained
STEM Colleges
Percentage of Women Participants

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