The I-NITIATE Program is a transformative initiative aimed at fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within STEM colleges. Targeting university administrators, incubator managers, and faculty members, this program focuses on building institutional capacity to cultivate robust ecosystems conducive to innovation and entrepreneurship. Through comprehensive training modules, it equips participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to nurture and support entrepreneurial ventures within their institutions.


Our mission is to empower STEM colleges to embrace entrepreneurship as a viable career option and foster an entrepreneurial mindset among faculty, researchers, and students. By providing essential training and guidance, the program aims to inspire and prepare participants to actively engage in entrepreneurial endeavors, thereby contributing to the development of a vibrant innovation ecosystem in India’s academic landscape.

Entrepreneurship stands as a pivotal driver of societal advancement, offering multifaceted solutions to contemporary socio-economic challenges. STEM institutions in India are increasingly embracing entrepreneurship, fostering an environment where innovative thought thrives. Yet, despite this growing momentum, a structured framework for entrepreneurship development remains elusive, leaving faculty and management without clear guidance on harnessing the full potential of entrepreneurial ideas. Recognizing this critical gap, GDC introduced the I-NITIATE program, to empower administrators and faculty within STEM colleges. By equipping them with the requisite knowledge and skills necessary for navigating the complex terrain of entrepreneurship, the program serves as a catalyst for fostering a vibrant ecosystem teeming with transformative ideas and ventures.

However, GDC’s vision transcends the mere strengthening of institutional frameworks. It aspires to infuse the entrepreneurial ethos deep within the fabric of student and researcher communities, instilling a culture where creativity and innovation flourish. Beyond the confines of lecture halls and laboratories, this commitment seeks to shape a future where entrepreneurial spirit permeates every facet of academic life, driving progress and societal transformation. Through the I-NITIATE program, GDC embarks on a journey to not only fortify the innovation landscape but also to cultivate a generation of visionary thinkers poised to lead India into a new era of prosperity and innovation-driven excellence.

Lifecycle of a Start-up


Achievable Outcomes

Through the implementation of the I-NITIATE program, GDC envisions a series of transformative outcomes, each contributing to the overarching goal of fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within STEM institutions.

Empowered Stakeholders

Define the problem that you are solving or the opportunity you are addressing.

Robust Ecosystems

Creation of environments conducive to the development and implementation of entrepreneurial ideas.

Enhanced Collaboration

Stronger ties between academia and industry, resulting in practical solutions for societal challenges.

Cultural Transformation

Instilling entrepreneurship and creativity among students and researchers, fostering a mindset shift towards risk-taking and passion-driven innovation for sustained progress..

Impact of I-NITIATE Program

Stem Institutions
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