Team AIDesign – IIT Madras

IIT Madras

Team AIDesign from IIT Madras, found out the hard way that the business world is far different from the technical world. The team found out that these worlds completely run on different motivations and perspectives when they entered the I-NCUBATE program. AIDesign specializes in building physics-less models using Artificial intelligence based algorithms instead of physics based conventional numerical solvers to solve complex engineering simulation problems at a billionfold faster rate with simple computational resources.


The team initially thought that they had found an industry disrupting technology. Their main assumption was that the Managers of large automotive companies faced tight deadlines from upper management. But in reality they were unable to validate this pain point through initial interviews. With the help of GDC they found out the actual problem they were solving was “Time to Market”.


With validations from the interviews about the actual time consumed by testing, using AIDesign simulation algorithm will massively reduce the time frame of testing and will boost the speed of production immensely. Empowered with these learnings and insights with the help of GDC, the team further validates their value proposition and problem assumptions with the Tier-1 automotive industry and as well engineering services in Tier-1 industry.