Team Bion

IIT Madras & Anna University

Bion is a team of researchers from IITM and Anna University. They prototyped a smart wearable device to monitor the electrolyte imbalance level during Dialysis. To commercialize it, they enrolled in the GDC I-NCUBATE program.


During their initial customer discovery process, they found that 24 percentage patients with kidney diseases have the electrolyte imbalance problem. With this information they visited one of their teammate’s uncles as a caretaker, who is a dialysis patient. They witnessed him suffer through chest pain for an entire night and only after 4 hours of dialysis, he felt relieved. 


Interviews with dialysis engineers, technicians and nephrologists, we found out that Current dialysis machines are not correcting the sodium and potassium levels accurately. And they also found that there is a need for technological intervention to correct the electrolyte level noninvasively during the. Yes, a standalone system will serve a hundred percentage patients with this experience. The I-NCUBATE program helped them understand the world of entrepreneurship better and are on track to produce a suitable device that will be a life saver for many.