Team Feel Joy

Feel Joy is a mentor health start-up. The CEO, Parav, struggled with dyslexia at school and he was almost about to drop out, but he was fortunate enough to have found a few mentors who helped me learn differently. He discovered that these mentors had emotional intelligence. This motivated the CEO to study about emotional intelligence for nearly 10 years, which gave him the idea to start FeelJoy.

The CEO was struggling to come up with a stable business idea and a unique identity and that’s when he found GDC. FeelJoy didn’t really know who their customer was and GDC made them rethink.

The team was repeatedly told by our mentors to keep aside their existing idea which left them in a frustrated state. GDC guided FeelJoy to customer discovery and secondary. And this gave the team some hope.

They identified three potential groups of customers, namely earth observations satellite operators, geospatial data analytics companies and satellite launch providers. They initially took this as a win, but soon discovered that none of those customer segments needed the team’s help. They would need only much less information from the team. So, the team had to start again from scratch to discover who their customers are.

They soon figured out that the people who require real time data are not in the commercial space, but in defense and disaster management. They joined incubate as a satellite manufacturing company, but they had to revamp themselves as an orbital data company and are hoping to discover customer segments soon.

GDC helped Feeljoy to focus on real time customer insights. Now, the team gained some perspective. They realized that the mental health crisis is currently bigger than COVID crisis. And that the bubble will burst soon. Feel joy, aims to cater to the diverse needs of our evergreen population and provide accessible mental health support.
Team Night sky – IIT, Madras

Team Night Sky Our team consists of Saisree, Sooraj,(a group of students from IIT madras who have experience in building satellites), Mentor Ranganathan and Dr. Harishankar Ramachandram..They wanted to build and launch satellites for paying customers. In order to gain some real time perspective, they joined the incubate program.

It turned out to be great for them and they faced challenges even before the program started. They started to think about their customers. And to identify potential prospects, they mapped out the entire space industry.