Team Meraki

IISc Bangalore

Air quality is a ragging problem in the metropolitan cities of India over the last few decades . Team Air Quality Patrol aims to solve this particular issue by establishing a low-cost sensor-based network for air quality  monitoring  and development of self calibration protocols in urban centers in pursuit of cleaner air.


The team was keen on regulatory bodies like State & Central regulatory bodies in India to be their main target customer at the beginning of the I-NCUBATE program. GDC guided them to realize the possibilities available for their product in the ecosystem. ​​During their interviews, they came to know that even though the market size of the regulatory bodies are huge, they found out that it might take a few years to get the approval from regulatory authorities.


So they were advised to start looking at other segments to find early adopters, and explored the small and mid-scale industries. During these interviews, they found that most of these industries outsourced the quality monitoring to third party agencies like environmental labs. They started getting positive feedback from this segment and decided to have environmental labs as a target segment.


With the help of GDC’s I-NCUBATE program they understood the ecosystem better. And moving forward, they want to explore the variety of potential customer segments found during these interviews.