Team Pragati Tech


Team ImLab aims to improve proctology diagnosis devices Ergonomics Design, Enhanced Visual and Physical Accessibility and Economy in cost. They joined the GDC I-NCUBATE program to gain better understanding of the market and also to get feedback from Doctors regarding their vision. 


They interviewed doctors and patients via online meetings, where they obtained first sighted information on many diseases like hemorrhoids, piles, fistula, and many others. With the boom in “work from home” culture in recent years, they also found out that 40% of patients require some sort of inspection and 10% need a surgical treatment in the medical procedure.


Through these interviews they found that current devices used in these procedures need an ergonomic revamp. They also got to know that doctors have a lack of visual accessibility, codependency operation, and lack of physical accessibility and many more problems. With this information they decided to work on creating a device that can produce graphical images during the surgical procedures. The customer interview part has helped them better under the specific wants and needs of their potential users. The I-NCUBATE program has assisted them in eliminating the preconceived notions they had before the customer discovery phase.