Team Aurava –

IISc CPDM Bengaluru

Team Aurava’s idea is to print a metal based electronic circuit with its polymer housing, called a smart electronic structure. As a PhD in UTSAAH Lab, CPDM, we are doing research to design and develop a 3D metal printer using a novel technique to print electronic structures in 3D. They joined the I-NCUBATE program to find the validity for their product in the market. They met around 15 entrepreneurs at the Elevate Karnataka Finale and got to know that the entrepreneurs make only one or two prototypes, either outsource the PCB or get the prototype done by the prototype manufacturers.

Hence they thought PCB makers and prototype manufacturers could be their earlier adopters. So they went ahead and conducted interviews with them, but learned that they only do low volume prototype development and they have no burning need for a new technology in prototyping.

Disappointed and discouraged with initial findings, GDC mentors made them realize that they can target OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) as their main customers. This was their big aha moment. With this information they will shift their focus towards manufactures like Mitsubishi, Apple, IBM, Samsung, and many more.