Team Nexus Mobility

IIT Madras

Team Raydius aims at building a two way digital platform where content consumers get instant access to happenings in their neighborhood and Producers post about themselves to reach people in their vicinity. Their initial assumptions were that content consumers want to know about neighborhood activities and they cannot find them in one place. They also assumed that the content producers weren’t tech savvy and hugely relied on banners, leaflets etc.


With these assumptions they joined the GDC I-NCUBATE program to validate their assumptions. They conducted interviews with people from Bengaluru, Hyderabad and Vijayawada; in order to understand the wants and needs of their target segment. They found out that some were thrilled that this application can solve their issues but others really didn’t care much. After interviewing 33 participants, they established that when these participants miss an event/activity of their liking.  


In their 2nd round of interviews with Service providers like gyms and sellers, like sports shops. They found out that the larger independent businesses have migrated to digital advertising while the smaller ones continue to rely on traditional methods like leaflets, banners, etcetera, to the larger ones. And also that the larger independent businesses do face issues while advertising digitally. 


But due to Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, they failed to build good rapport with these service providers over phone calls. So they couldn’t  figure out how big the pain point is for these business people. They will continue their journey to better understand their pain points and eliminate preconceived notions by hosting one on one interviews to further validate and improve their application.

During Customer Discovery, the team spoke to individual cab drivers, conducted ground research to understand the current solutions available in the market, and met industry veterans. Interviews suggested that while cab drivers were concerned by the rising fuel costs, they were not looking at EVs as an option. The team then switched its focus to corporate fleet companies.

“After interviewing stakeholders in this ecosystem, we realized that the demand here is aggregated. Corporates had a social responsibility target to be sustainable in their operations, and switching to EVs would further that goal,” said Atish. After finishing the I-NCUBATE program, the team is continuing to study this customer segment to better understand their early adopters.