Team Curium life – Cohort 21

Curium is an unlikely combination of aggressive surgeons and deep learning nerds. These surgeons often do hernia surgery. Some of these Hernias are small, some are big and some can be recurring. Hernias recur as the doctors don’t have enough information in the CT scan before they operate. They also have limited information during and after the surgery. It could be tedious determining whether the hernia could recur or not.

To address these issues, Curium came up with two products, the hernia image assist using deep learning machine learning which is an automated system with radiologists at the customer. And the second one is a hernia ion support system with the surgeon as a customer.

Curium got help from GDC and found a plethora of information on the customers with interviews from customers, radiologists, and surgeons. Using all these insights. Curium launched the hernia image assist product as a concierge. They have also planned to implement automation in this product.