3 July -

Surya Kumari K.

Program Manager

Hailing from the education industry, Surya Kumari K has 4+ years of experience, working as the admission counsellor at IB World School. Being a global educator has widely expanded Surya’s scope of exposure, helping her inculcate similar values in her work.

Over the years, Surya has carefully invested in an array of skill sets. The same include database management as well as time and team management. Surya’s strong communication skills and the ability to be a good orator, give her an edge over many of her colleagues. Her robust decision-making skills and the ability to organize efficiently go a long way in helping her achieves her goals. In addition to this, Surya’s exceptional ability to offer valuable counselling makes her a great addition to any organization.

Popular for generating leads through various available sources, helps Surya’s cause of active marketing. Her expertise lies in talking to corporates, making her home brand more visible than ever before. Besides active curriculum briefing and counselling for new admissions, Surya also helps in following up for fee payments and works closely with the finance team. She is certainly the best person for addressing queries and hand-holding foreign national registrations. Coordinating with the management, aiding orientation sessions, documenting new student files and organising field trips and career counselling fairs are some of the functions she most efficiently performs. Harmonisation with the corporate team for Model United Nations and completing paperwork for Times Education Icons Awards have been the highlights of Surya’s career so far.

Surya’s has pursued Advanced and Master Level specialization in Overseas Education as well as International Career Counselling. Besides this, she holds a diploma in MS Office and IT Fundamentals. Surya is also well versed in C &C++ Programming Language

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