Team SeaValor

Cohort 13 (ICT,Mumbai)

Wound management is an area of study that garners considerable research interest. Scientists are working on inventing comprehensive solutions for tissue regeneration, chronic wound dressing, biofilm control, and anti-scar healing. Team SeaValor was developing a wound management solution based on seaweeds, which enhances healing in an eco-friendly manner.

They had isolated an anionic polymer, Ulvan, which has tremendous potential to be used in wound management on account of its biochemical similarity to glycosaminoglycans – an integral part of the human body’s healing mechanism. Though a lot of research has been conducted on Ulvan, there is no commercial application to date due to challenges in isolating the polymer from the seaweed. Having made a breakthrough in that area, team SeaValour came to GDC to explore their market.

The team wanted to introduce their solution to patients suffering from Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFC), a chronic condition that needs frequent and regular dressing. The team spoke with several doctors as part of the Customer Discovery process and found out that the market needed a solution that could absorb large amounts of discharge to manage DFC without the risk of subsequent infections. Team SeaValour’s polymer-based product has an absorption capacity of over 100 times its weight.

Having validated its primary assumptions, the team decided they were ready to go to the market.