Team Neurostellar

IIT Madras -Cohort 21

Karthik and Dhanushya are the founders of Neurostellar Mental health crisis is a bigger pandemic than covid. This made team Neurostellar to come up with a smart wearable headband that detects stress accurately and suggests personalized solutions to reduce stress. 


But the team found it difficult to map their customers. They assumed that the CXOs, HNI’s doctors, Olympic athletes and employees of large corporations are highly stressed and would need the solution. GDC’s I-NCUBATE program helped them to discover the customer segment. Endless efforts went into decoding the signs of the doors, researching talking to the voices on the other side, to figure out the target customers.

They soon realized that we were a part of wellbeing and not the wearable industry. They closely studied the competitors and where competitors were getting their customers from. They crossed off their initial assumptions and discovered a new customer segment, the large corporates.