Team GlyZy

IISc Bangaluru

Team GlyZy from the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) Bengaluru has perfected a technology to produce high-value flavonoids from the synthetic microbial platform. The technology, the team believes, will be a sustainable replacement to the current cost-intensive extraction of flavonoids from plants. The team entered the I-NCUBATE program when it was in the final stages of building its prototype.

The team began its Customer Discovery journey by focussing on agricultural technology, nutraceuticals, and cosmetics industry segments. The team assumed that the high cost of natural ingredients used in manufacturing products was a pain-point for the cosmetics industry. However, learnings indicated that this was not really a problem for the industry players. But, the manufacturers had problems with the supply chain and the high cost of diverse fragrances instead of flavonoids. The team continues to test this and many other hypotheses about their potential customers using the skills learnt from the program as they move forward in their startup journey.