Team Flow Tech Pharma

IIT, Bombay

Flow Tech Pharma got a chance to discover the formulation of ointments and creams while working on a consultancy project in IIT, Bombay. They realized that the traditional one pot manufacturing method makes these creams more prone to texture issues


To tackle the texture issues, the team worked on a modular, continuous and an inline monitored process design. Flow Tech Pharma started talking to contract researchers and learned that the industry tends to deploy short cap strategies to solve texture issues. The outlook was no different for the generic pharmaceutical companies, where the focus was on bringing new products to the market and recalls were expensive mistakes that could be managed with workarounds.

On research, the team realized that the manufacturers were looking for innovations, which focus on reducing energy, time and manpower. The big pharmaceutical industries were indeed very eager to find a solution to this problem. 


Small scale consultancy projects will give us firsthand experience in understanding how such problems affect their businesses and will add value to the customer discovery process today. The I-CUBATE program has helped Flow Tech Pharma to identify real problems and also help discover customers and give a broader vision.