Team CapiTech

Ramaiah Inst. Tech., Bengaluru

Team CapiTech from Ramaiah Institute of Technology was building a non-invasive, pre-screening tool for diabetic retinopathy when it came to GDC. The technology uses the Nailfold capillaroscopy (NFC) imaging method to evaluate changes in the vascular structure of patients with retinopathy. Using Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, the technology can differentiate capillaries as healthy or diabetic. The method is simple, non-invasive, and inexpensive.

At GDC, the first few Customers Discovery interviews the team conducted with doctors indicated that there was an equivalent solution in the market. Did that make their solution redundant? Discussions with the GDC mentor and instructors helped the team realize that the existence of an equivalent solution validates the assumption that there is a problem for which the market needs a solution.

The interviews also indicated that non-compliance of patients with treatment protocols was a pain-point for which doctors needed a solution. The team has moved on to validate this assumption before zeroing in on the early adopters.