Team BFly

Cohort 11 (IIT Kanpur)

The limitations of legislative measures in curbing rampant usage of single-use plastics prompted Team BFly to come up with a technology-based solution. It developed a material out of chitosan – a compound derived from the hard outer skeleton of shellfish – which could be used to package food products and commodities.

Chitosan is abundant in nature, is non-toxic and bio-degradable, and antimicrobial as well. These traits make it an ideal choice as green packaging material. While the idea of using the material as a packaging product had already been mooted, challenges manifested in the form of brittleness and the hydrophilic nature of the product. The team addressed these challenges and made a carry-bag – their proof of concept.

At GDC, following conversations with several stakeholders, the team decided to focus on mushroom cultivators. Data gathered from Customer Discovery interviews indicated that profit margins of mushroom cultivators were hit by sub-optimal pricing. They continued to study this segment after completing the I-NCUBATE program.