Team Anunaad

Cohort 13 (IIT Bombay)

The recent policy impetus and resurgent demand among the public have revived the market for Ayurveda-based products. Quality control has risen as the biggest challenge at this juncture, as markets flood with Ayurvedic products of innumerable brands. Team Anunaad’s innovation aims to capitalize on this perceived need.

The team had conceptualized a spectroscopic technique that can detect all the chemical moieties in a given sample by studying their molecular structure. With this, they wanted to create a chemistry-based platform that can spot and report anomalies in samples. The product will not just detect contamination and adulterants, but also spot missing ingredients.

During Customer Discovery interviews, the team found out that their innovation would be beneficial for Drug Inspectors in carrying out their job. However, they were not looking for a solution to the problem. By the end of the program, the team had not found their problem-solution fit. Based on the learnings, the team paused its product development and continued with its Customer Discovery journey.