Team AIvolved 

Ramaiah Evolute, Bengaluru

Team AIvolved from Ramaiah Evolute has developed an AI-powered motion analyser that can detect Three Rockers and exact GAIT parameters without any human intervention. These parameters are critical to analyse any nervous system disorders. The team was inspired to work on the idea after realising that there are very few GAIT labs even in Tier-1 cities of India and the cost to set up such facilities was huge. Its solution, the team believed, would solve these problems in the sector.

The team assumed that all physiotherapists, neurologists, and orthopaedics would become their potential customers. The Customer Discovery exercise helped the team validate some of its critical assumptions – about problems faced by patients in attending physiotherapy sessions, lack of facilities in Tier-2 cities, huge treatment expenditure, and high cost of imported medical devices.

Based on the learnings, the team decided to focus on physiotherapists treating the mid-income group of people in Tier-2 cities as the early adopters of the product.