Team Agriyan

IIT Bombay

Team Agriyan from IIT Bombay was developing an ‘agribot’ to help farmers tide over labour scarcity by mechanising the spraying of chemicals in fields. Before coming to GDC, the startup had spoken to about 50 farmers and identified three problems – labour shortage, low penetration of technology in agriculture, and the need for a solution for bulk spraying of chemicals.  

The startup team thought it had identified some of the major problems faced by the farmers and was building a solution when it joined the I-NCUBATE program. The Customer Discovery exercise made the team realise that labour shortage was the only assumption that could be validated. There was no evidence to substantiate the other two problems. Through Customer Segmentation, the team realised that Medium Farmers were more suited to be their early adopters.  

The team also had a surprise learning – crop insurance lenders needed a similar solution to assess if crop failures are due to natural disasters or farmers’ mistakes. The team is further exploring this segment now.