3 May -

My association with the GDC started in October 2020. Since then, I have been involved in mentoring a couple of INCUBATE and INSPIRE cohorts.

The fundamental objective of the GDC to open the eyes of the Tech wizards to the most important aspect of business reality – namely the Customers and put them through a rigorous “Customer Discovery” process, early in their start-up journey, is excellent! This is vital for the Innovators, who start their journey with a very high confidence in their brilliant concept’s success and don’t pay adequate attention to this aspect on their own – given their passion to be involved in developing their technology idea.

It has been an amazingly learning experience for me to see how the innovators learn from these Cohorts and improve their approach. Very happy that I am able to add value to these future Technology leaders through my involvement as a mentor with the GDC.

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