24 March -

The Mentoring opportunity through GDC’s I-NCUBATE program is one that I have relished. Being a very well structured Program based on the foundation of the The Lean Start Up, it brings together a set of brilliant minds of faculty members + young students from various Tech institutes in the country, a team of very experienced Faculty members from GDC and Mentors like us who add value in terms of practical hand-holding.
The primary objective of the program being to facilitate deep tech startup ideas to get to a stage where the teams can commercialize and monetize their passions, is an inspiring journey. As a mentor with GDC, I have had the privilege of interacting with bright minds, learnt a lot about different deep-tech ideas, got to appreciate the lean start up model and finally, contribute to the teams in my own small way. Consider myself privileged to be a mentor at GDC.
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